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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

But they were gonna throw it away.....

So as we were all walking out the door of the doctor's exam room (after hearing the news that Sommer was pregnant) I saw the pregnancy test by the garbage. Not that it's going to end up in a museum, but I thought it best I archive it for the blog. See...just like the doctor told us - 2 lines means pregnant! I've got it in a ziplock bag if anyone wants to pass it around like the Stanley Cup.


  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Auntie said…

    TMI - About the pregnancy test - It is a bit personal but at least there is no doubt in anyones mind!!

    You should see the things I have saved!!
    But I have a few questions...

    CAn they be re-used?? for the next one??

    Does one line mean one baby and do two lines mean two babies, and do three lines mean three?? and so on. I don't know??

    And are there pink lines and blue lines??

    So many questions...but you know you have at least 8 months to figure it all out..


  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger Luther Media said…

    Dear “Auntie”, thanks you for your comments and wants you to know we take them very seriously. Every effort is made to respond to them in a timely and thorough manner.

    While some material on this site may seem like “TMI” (too much information) it is important that report it all. This information is supplied in a combined effort through and the US Department of Labor ( to warn teens and Canadians of the consequences of conception. While the idea of urine, or as the kids call it “pee-pee”, being photographed and displayed on the interweb may seem harsh to some, we feel it serves as an important reminder to teens and our neighbors to the north of the harsh realities of pregnancy.

    In response to your next question regarding the re-use of the pregnancy test: The answer is that as far as knows, only Catholics can re-use the pregnancy test as there will always be two lines because they are pregnant all the time.

    Regarding the number of lines on the pregnancy test: One line means “No Baby”. On modern pregnancy tests this is referred to as the “Thank God” line. Two lines mean one to two babies; often termed the “Oh God” lines. The 3 line pregnancy test was banned in 1987 by the Food and Drug Administration ( after a Consumer Report determined it to be high in Trans Fats and that it did not taste very good.

    As of this response, the baby’s sex can not be determined through an initial pregnancy test, only that sex has been determined to cause the initial pregnancy.


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