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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Video of Henry....Finally?


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger tdstephens3 said…

    Is it clear? Ok, I have the exclusive... It seems Travis is not updating the site anymore so I can sneak in here and give the scoop.

    I have seen the baby. He was just a few days old the first time I saw him. I know, the video looks cute but the reality is that Henry Oliver doesnt quite look like that baby in the pictures. First of all, he looks mostly like a little worm, with hair. Also, he has this pair of antennae that they must have folded back or completely edited from all of these pictures. And, maybe as a joke, they bought him a flying saucer baby carriage. Its pretty cool, it flys and stuff, but it really promotes the whole alien thing a little too much. I mean, there is no such thing as aliens so they should down play the whole green, rubbery skin and long fingers thing Henry has going on.

    After a couple of days it became apparent that Henry was not interested in the usual things boys and girls like at that age. Cuddly toys and soft sounds do not pacify the little guy. Interestingly, an evening at an ecclectic upscale restaraunt- you know the kind, where they play that electronic beat music that makes you feel like you should be on drugs?- Henry loves this stuff! His antenea were whirling around and he was dancing with his elongated green fingers poking and pointing around.

    Look, he's a weirdo, thats all I'm really trying to say.

    Anyway, since I can talk freely here...

    well, maybe that's enough for now!

  • At 8:11 PM, Blogger Auntie said…

    Well grandma has something to say here..since I was there with Henry.
    He by no means is green, however some of the diapers that I saw were green!
    Now those comments coming from someone who still has pointed ears, (he was nicknamed Yoda by someone near and dear to us all) are a bit interesting. Henry's ears are perfect, as a matter of fact.
    The truth is that he is the most beautiful, perfect, elegant, cool baby that any one has ever seen!
    I am even getting used to being called grandma, just don't even think of calling me granny or any of those other weird names.
    It truly was sn incredible feeling to see your daugher holding her newborn son and also see your son holding his nephew! (there was no mention of Henry being green then, by the way - only quiet stares of a man holding a beautiful child)

  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger Luther Media said…

    Dang, Grandma - was there anything special about seeing me!?!?


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