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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Break in the Action

Sorry we've had no posts in a few days. Luther Baby's daddy ended up in the hospital with viral meningitis. What's that? Click here... This is pretty much the worst medical issue I've had as it feels like my brain and spine are boiling. So there you go Evelyn, I hope you're happy for teasing me because I didn't know (at the time) that Thanksgiving was always on a Thursday. Does it feel good? Does it feel good to tease a man on his death bed? Of course I didn't know it was always on a Thursday. I HAD VIRAL MENINGITIS!!! John would have never teased me like that! He would have said "Travis is an intelligent man. Something must be wrong. I'm going to phone his doctor and suggest that Travis may have the meingitis as he is acting rather queer." That's because John is my boy! You go John!!

SPINAL TAP - What they do is take 3 needles, that get longer in size, and insert them into your back in increments, numbing tissue and going deeper until they reach the spinal cord (after rocking the last dagger off a number of vertebra). Then they suck out 3 tsp of spinal fluid. ITS KINDA LIKE BASTING A TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING WHICH IS ON A THURSDAY.

IN BABY NEWS - It is my understanding that Cindy Sheehan has set up just outside of President Bush's Crawford Ranch and is demanding the president release Luther Baby from jail. From what we've heard Luther Baby is being treated well and is looking forward to Luther Baby's day in court. This is however being relayed back to us through Luther Baby's attorney, Jim Leventhal, who although has absolutely no experience in fetal prisoner releases, is working this case rather well.

YACKY YACK YACK - I cant remember the last time Sommer actually got sick. She still feels sick but hasn't actually GOTTEN SICK in probably 10 days, which is great! Let's see...10 days. 10 days before Thanksgiving would be on a Monday as Thanksgiving ALWAYS FALLS ON A THURSDAY!!!!!! MENINGITIS EVELYN!!!!


  • At 10:26 PM, Blogger tdstephens3 said…

    travis - i have spoken with Dr. Gil... upon further analysis of the extent of your condition, some startling conclusions have arisen. you see, the human brain is a very complex organ, an out of it's complexity arises the phenomenon of perception. this is a loose term - and throughout your recovery, you may not want to consider all of the implications suggested by an 'emergent' propterty...however Dr. Gil and i would like to make you aware of the unprecedented discovery we have made in this most peculiar case of viral menengitis. please do contemplate one implication of the 'emergent' nature of human perception... that of time. you see, as Dr. Gil's specialized knowlege of the universe has led him to observe a general swelling of your brain, he has estutely noted the specific areas of the brain that were most likely affected. in your case, he has shown me the reports, (they all look like perfectly legitimate color-by-number diagrams) you have suffered a swelling in an area known to scientists as the hypothalamus. this region of the brain is responsible for many functions, but of particular interest to me, the regulation of the circadian rythm. this area, as you will see, regulates your perception of time - according to wikipedia (who, strictly speaking, represents everyone in the world) . altering your perception of time has necessarily (according to einstein) altered your reality. you see, as Dr. Gil and i joked about how rediculous all of this sounds, and toyed with punchlines like "the grandfather paradox...", we realized what we had stumbled across here - a genuine time traveler! even more exciting (only possible when considering transfinite excitement) is that you - in your "godel universe " - are simultaneously in our "present" universe. this allows us (in our regualar universe - the one that everyone else is in!) to observe events taking place in another "time."
    now travis, if you can understand me as i communicate through time and space ...we need a full account of your observations... fortunately, in our time, Dr. Gil and i have advanced beyond irrational speculation and must rely solely on the observable universe for our delights and wonders (and practical scientific endeavor)
    "What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead." --quote attributed to Norbert Wiener, but posted by Dr. Gil

  • At 7:26 AM, Blogger Luther Media said…

    It's a good thing Dr. Gil now has Tommy on staff so that Tommy can translate all of the big words Dr. Gil can't get out of his head. Just a warning though Tommy, Dr. Gil once gave me a treasure map on a color by number that had me traveling all over the world in search of Black Beards treasure, but after looking at the map closer it turned out just to be a pony. Talk about wasting a month...geesh.


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