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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Luther Baby Says Ritter

In a recent interview, Luther Baby was quoted to say he “unequivocally” supports Bill Ritter in the 2006 race for Colorado governor. Of his reasons for Ritter support, Luther Baby sights most importantly Ritter’s tough stance on diaper rash and securing the diaper border. In a 2002 statement to the Denver Post, Ritter said “leakage of the diaper border is the most important issue of the new millennium. It’s a two way street, bad poo gets in, bad poo gets out,” to which Luther Baby has replied “I can respect that.”

The financial windfall for Ritter’s campaign stemming from Luther Baby’s support is expected to be “in the millions” one source has said. “Luther Baby’s fan base is huge,” says Luther Baby’s publicist Joanne Stetzman. “We’re seeing Luther Baby fan clubs popping up in Indonesia, Europe and in the Canadian Rockies. Those fans in Canada have money and everyone knows their political interests in this election run deep.”

Canadian Chancellor Franse De’Portiet said last week that when Canadians come together you can expect the results to be impressive, sighting the Canadian contribution to the Great Wall of China. “It’s huge! You can see that thing from space,” excitedly stated Mr. De’Portiet.


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