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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some updates...

Picture Board: So what I want to do is get pictures of everyone (our friends and family) contributing to the blog and put up a page so everyone can get to know everyone else. As my family is not contributing, this should be a good way of guilting them into starting (MATT!). If you email me pictures of yourselves at I will get right on that.

House: It has fallen through becuase of some repair issues that couldn't be worked out. We will start looking again soon, I hope.

Sommer: She's Huge!!!

Travis: He's Huge!!! I have to keep up with her. Did you know we actually order dessert now when we eat out! This is awesome. Too bad it's only for 9 months.

Ultrasound: We have one in 4 weeks. We get to find out the baby's sex then. Then we can start buying the appropriate items for the nursery, like a plasma TV.

Football Pool: Sommer should listen to me more. I knew there was no way the Saints were going to lose last night. We're not fighting, I'm just saying I knew.


  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger MChagolla said…

    I think the plasma TV might need a Marshall full stack next to it.


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