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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!

It's Uncle Tommy Stephens the Third's birthday today!!!!!! aka tstephens3 in the blogosphere.
Happy birthday Tommy! I paid your mom to do the spankings since I can't be there. Watch her back hand...OUCH!!!!!!


  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger tdstephens3 said…

    - a report from the Luther Media Headquarters out in Denver, Colorado.

    What a place! It is truly amazing...from luxury golfing accomodations on site to panoramic views of the rocky mountains - the operation is truly first class.

    I was surprised to find so many 'little people' running around the campus. Travis explained that he has them trained to handle all of the important functions of the day to day operations. He said 'When little poeple come across a big problem, they can scale it down to their size and handle it much more efficiently than us tall people." This I thought was an ingenious observation on Travis' part, and applaud him for his complete disregard for political correctness.

    Other fascinating observations from the Headquarters: there seem to be an endless supply of well qualified nanny applicants turning up at the front gates, all eager to have the chance to become the caretaker of the immaculate Luther Baby that is expected to be delivered sometime in early March. One applicant lucky enough to be considered for an interview exclaimed "I wanted to get my application in early, I have been training for the obstacle course and am sure I can outwit the other competitors in the 'Contemporary Politcal Trivia' round of the competition." She seemed very excited, I noticed a fresh coat of nail polish had been carefully applied to both her fingernails and manicured toenails. She seemed to be 'top notch' in my book but Travis directed her to her proper place in line and calmly called in the next applicant.

    All of the technical duties of maintaining a web presence as engaging as the Luther Media Portals is a demanding job and I was not surprised to see Travis handling all of these on his own. Partitioning servers and reformating content, programming the latest interactive software that draws the audience through imperceptable transitions over his multimedia shmorgisboard. I must note and to Travis' defense maintaining an empire is an intellectually taxing endeavor, and I do not find it at all insulting to note that although most of the content on his sites is original in the sense that the events are true and unique to Travis' actual life situations - the delivery is carefully orchestrated by a team of comedians as well as experienced campaign managers. He employs two full timers to act as his 'situational thesaurus' so when he drops an egg half on the side of the sink and the rest onto the floor - they can quickly shoot out some more interesting alternative scenarios that may fit a short storyline. To continue this example - in this egg dropping scenario...his well paid team earned their money with the 'Menengitis Scare' alternative scenario that ended up making waves on the internationally acclaimed Luther Baby website. "We should have earned at least a 15 minute break for that one!" the two man team joked as I walked by the cubical they share.

    So, it seems as Travis builds his empire out in Denver, he has the luxury of formulating his unique business ethic and methodology - perfectly suited to his view of the contemporary world. "It is a dynamic of decreasing competition and an increasing supply of labor, a fertile ground for absolute exploitation- and because of this there is no danger in this revelation being made public- because it is the public who continue to ask for employment at the same time they beg for more Luther Media productions."

    "My name is TDStephens3, and I support this posting."

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger Uncle John said…

    Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind:

    THOUGHT ONE: In my next life I want to come back as the owner of a baby store...for Fathers Only.

    My store will have one of everything. No choice of styles. You either need a layette or you don't.

    More to follow.....
    Expectant Mothers (and the horde of women who make it their lifes ambition to help them buy) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE STORE.

    Men will be helped by women who are:

    A. Pretty (Sexy)
    B. Serve adult beverages
    C. Can sweetly say, "Buy this"
    D. Will come to your home and assemble, put away, and maintain all purchases.

    THOUGHT TWO: After the baby is born a baby shower is called "A Birthday Party".

    THOUGHT THREE: Children should be born with season tickets for their father's favorite team. After all the poor fathers need R and R after the sustained stress of childbirth.

    THOUGHT FOUR: All birthdays should be officially on January lst just like race horses. That way we never have to guess when a relative is having a birthday.

  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger tdstephens3 said…

    my name is still tdstephens3, and i support that last posting, too.


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