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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's Happening?!?

HOUSE - We signed our contract on Friday. We have our inspection next week. I think our closing date is Sept. 28th and we take possession Sept. 30th.

REMODEL - We are knocking out a wall and painting before we move in but the new counter tops and things will have to wait just a bit as it turns out when you buy a house they want you to actually pay for some part of it and stuff which reduces the amount of cash reserve available for counter tops. I don't believe this is true in England, but that's because they don't have such a backward system there. My understanding is that in England, if you see a house you like you just move into it and if the government likes you they give you some money every month to live there.

THANKSGIVING - We're booked, thanks to everyone that's coming. In fact we're pretty much booked the entire month of November. It's not too early to get your Christmas reservations in however. Rates at the new house start at $49.00/night plus pet deposit. That does include one meal a day. Let's hope you're there on the days I'm cooking (sorry Sommer).

GRAVE ILLNESS - Unless saying otherwise will get me out of any manual labor, I'm recovered.

BABY NAMES - We've got some winners picked. Sommer says we're not supposed to say what they are though until the baby comes. I'm going to leave that to a vote of the populace. Let me know what you want.

WEDDING BAND - I got mine yesterday. It's pretty nice. The chain doesn't quite match the ball but I got it on discount. I think we can shine it up a bit with one of those citrus oxy clean things.


  • At 3:47 AM, Blogger Aunt Diane said…

    Sommer and Travis...I am the very last person in the family to be able to figure out this positng procedure...but weeks later, here I am. I am thrilled about the house, thrilled about the baby, and am, in every way, overjoyed for you both!

    I vote we know possible babies names...just because it's so much fun...but I also vote that Sommer does whatever she wants to in this regard!

    I also vote that this misconception of govenment funding in England to live in the house you choose...comes to pass immediately!

    Which wall are taking out?

    Love to you both and to Chloe and Nero. Have they been told that they will have to share tennis balls?

  • At 6:38 AM, Blogger Auntie said…

    Wow - a blog from Aunt Diane!
    from across the pond.
    This blog is for Aunt Diane via the Luther Baby Blog..
    Aunt Diane
    Just in case you have not heard, my official title in all of this is Auntie E.. now you might wonder why not 'grand' something.. well anything with the pre-fix 'grand' implies age and girth - both of which are creeping up on me slowly - and let's face it NANA is out!! and other names have already been selected...therefore "Auntie E" was birthed..
    As you, we could not be more excited and thrilled for Sommer and Travis! and let's face it - how can you beat $49 a night, meals included??

    In any event we are thrilled, and happy for both

    Auntie E

  • At 2:48 PM, Blogger Grandpa & MeMa said…

    Wedding Band????? Let's here more about that. Like when will it be used? What preacher is going to tell you when to put in on? Where is the Ceremony......Who is playing Here Comes the Bride? Whose giving the bride away? This is exciting ....come on Travis..give us the news!!!


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