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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Home Hunt

We are about ready to make an offer on this home:


It might take a minute or two to open.
The pictures do it little justice. The picture of the yard is only half of it!

You're going to want to save these photos though for the Luther Baby's Daddy Home Remodel Show coming soon!!!!! Sommer can't wait. Hey bebe, grab a hammer!

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Break in the Action

Sorry we've had no posts in a few days. Luther Baby's daddy ended up in the hospital with viral meningitis. What's that? Click here... This is pretty much the worst medical issue I've had as it feels like my brain and spine are boiling. So there you go Evelyn, I hope you're happy for teasing me because I didn't know (at the time) that Thanksgiving was always on a Thursday. Does it feel good? Does it feel good to tease a man on his death bed? Of course I didn't know it was always on a Thursday. I HAD VIRAL MENINGITIS!!! John would have never teased me like that! He would have said "Travis is an intelligent man. Something must be wrong. I'm going to phone his doctor and suggest that Travis may have the meingitis as he is acting rather queer." That's because John is my boy! You go John!!

SPINAL TAP - What they do is take 3 needles, that get longer in size, and insert them into your back in increments, numbing tissue and going deeper until they reach the spinal cord (after rocking the last dagger off a number of vertebra). Then they suck out 3 tsp of spinal fluid. ITS KINDA LIKE BASTING A TURKEY ON THANKSGIVING WHICH IS ON A THURSDAY.

IN BABY NEWS - It is my understanding that Cindy Sheehan has set up just outside of President Bush's Crawford Ranch and is demanding the president release Luther Baby from jail. From what we've heard Luther Baby is being treated well and is looking forward to Luther Baby's day in court. This is however being relayed back to us through Luther Baby's attorney, Jim Leventhal, who although has absolutely no experience in fetal prisoner releases, is working this case rather well.

YACKY YACK YACK - I cant remember the last time Sommer actually got sick. She still feels sick but hasn't actually GOTTEN SICK in probably 10 days, which is great! Let's see...10 days. 10 days before Thanksgiving would be on a Monday as Thanksgiving ALWAYS FALLS ON A THURSDAY!!!!!! MENINGITIS EVELYN!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Raising Bail

Sadly, Luther Baby was arrested today for trying to carry a number of liquids onto an airplane including baby formula, baby oil and Snapple.

At the time of his arrest, Luther Baby claimed to be unaware of the new travel restrictions but TSA officials working the gate say otherwise, claiming that Luther Baby was totally disrespectful of all security measures, even attempting to pass through security with SHOES ON while singing Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots were made for Walking."

Luther Baby's parents are shocked saying, "We didn’t even know Luther Baby could talk, let alone sing."

For others in the neighborhood Luther Baby's tirade came as little surprise. "Luther Baby's always out in the driveway yelling at people to keep their dogs off the lawn and such," reports one neighbor, "Luther Baby may have ADD." Another neighbor chimed in “You can’t be goin’ to the airport and then acting all Mel Gibson when a cop tries to stop you about your illegals. It just ain’t right.”

Friday, August 04, 2006

More Ultrasound Pictures

Here are a few new ultrasound pictures Dr. Gil snapped for us. Jr.'s getting pretty busy in there.
Here's Jr. doing a few laps. Gotta get your exercise, but Dr. Gil says this is probably why moms got morning sickness.
Look whose getting ready for the next World Cup! Go Jr. in 2010!