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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dr. Gil

Dr. Gil has expressed some concerns about not being more involved in the blog as of late. If you haven't had time to read his resume, please do so by clicking the resume link under his picture on the right hand side of the blog. To ask him questions, click his picture on the right hand side of the blog and enter your question. It doesn't always have to be a medical question. Dr. Gil is an expert in many fields. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some updates...

Picture Board: So what I want to do is get pictures of everyone (our friends and family) contributing to the blog and put up a page so everyone can get to know everyone else. As my family is not contributing, this should be a good way of guilting them into starting (MATT!). If you email me pictures of yourselves at I will get right on that.

House: It has fallen through becuase of some repair issues that couldn't be worked out. We will start looking again soon, I hope.

Sommer: She's Huge!!!

Travis: He's Huge!!! I have to keep up with her. Did you know we actually order dessert now when we eat out! This is awesome. Too bad it's only for 9 months.

Ultrasound: We have one in 4 weeks. We get to find out the baby's sex then. Then we can start buying the appropriate items for the nursery, like a plasma TV.

Football Pool: Sommer should listen to me more. I knew there was no way the Saints were going to lose last night. We're not fighting, I'm just saying I knew.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Picture For My Mama...

If you click on the pictures they enlarge, just an FYI for those that were saying they couldn't really see the pictures.

Boy, you don't realize how big I am until I'm standing next to my 6 ft brothers. I think I've gotten taller!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just a Photo

Friday, September 15, 2006

Holy Cow! boy

Sommer is really starting to show!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yes, it's true.

I did fall out of the bed about 2:30am Wednesday morning. Thanks for telling everybody Sommer! There will be no further need for any family or people at Sommer's office to send me any more text messages asking me if I'm OK or if I need a seat belt for the bed or if I might be safer sleeping in a low laying cot. I did suffer an injury FYI and have a little bruise in my wrist where it hit the night stand next to the bed. I will recover.

SOoooo....since Sommer is in such a sharing mood I'd like to share a little information about Sommer.

The reason I fell out of bed is because Sommer has stolen all the pillows from the bed! She has no consideration for my comfort. She refers to her 5 pillows affectionately as "The Set-up" and as she arranges all the pillows into the necessary shaped pile for sleeping she says, "It's too bad you don't have this sweet set-up". If I get close to her at night she hits me with a pillow and calls me "Bed'Qaeda" or "Osama Bed Laden" and reminds me to stay on my section. Now, my "section" and my "side" are not the same. Most men get their "side" of the bed, implying an equal portion divided down the middle. I, on the other hand, get a "section". My section is not even of equal sizes at the top and the bottom. It's shaped more like a the blade of a knife. It is straight on the bed edge side and bowed in with a point at my feet and a point at my head, kinda like a crescent. My feet and head have to stay in the same space all night, but I have a slight bowing area for bending my back a little while I sleep. I didn't used to get the bowing section but Sommer said I didn't clean good enough when my back was stiff so she gave me the extra 17 degrees. The night I fell out of bed I was confused because Sommer had asked that I turn around and sleep with my head facing the foot board as she was "tired of listening to me breath." So at 2:30 in the morning I started to bow my back out so it wouldn't be sore in the morning for cooking Sommers breakfast, and as I was facing the other side of the bed when I bowed I dropped from the bed and crashed into the night stand. This woke Sommer up which made her very unhappy. Because of the noise and my fall, I had to spend the rest of the early morning (by Sommers orders) knitting little corner covers out of yarn to put on the corners of all things sharp.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's Happening?!?

HOUSE - We signed our contract on Friday. We have our inspection next week. I think our closing date is Sept. 28th and we take possession Sept. 30th.

REMODEL - We are knocking out a wall and painting before we move in but the new counter tops and things will have to wait just a bit as it turns out when you buy a house they want you to actually pay for some part of it and stuff which reduces the amount of cash reserve available for counter tops. I don't believe this is true in England, but that's because they don't have such a backward system there. My understanding is that in England, if you see a house you like you just move into it and if the government likes you they give you some money every month to live there.

THANKSGIVING - We're booked, thanks to everyone that's coming. In fact we're pretty much booked the entire month of November. It's not too early to get your Christmas reservations in however. Rates at the new house start at $49.00/night plus pet deposit. That does include one meal a day. Let's hope you're there on the days I'm cooking (sorry Sommer).

GRAVE ILLNESS - Unless saying otherwise will get me out of any manual labor, I'm recovered.

BABY NAMES - We've got some winners picked. Sommer says we're not supposed to say what they are though until the baby comes. I'm going to leave that to a vote of the populace. Let me know what you want.

WEDDING BAND - I got mine yesterday. It's pretty nice. The chain doesn't quite match the ball but I got it on discount. I think we can shine it up a bit with one of those citrus oxy clean things.